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1I am a year behind, can you help me?
Yes, we realize that during the first year of business, time will be at a premium and some things fall behind. We can help you catch up and show you how to make the paperwork easy to manage. Filing GST, PST, payroll source deductions, and Worksafe BC remittances can total up to 40 filings per year. Let us keep your calendar organized and filings up to date.
2How much should I be spending on….?
We offer consulting and guidance for all types of businesses. We can provide financial reports for your business and take time to explain them to you in language you understand. We have experience with all kinds of businesses and can help you budget and create a strategy for success. It is important to have a vision and goals for you company; it is essential to have a profitable plan to bring that vision to reality.
3What expenses can I deduct?
The most common areas of confusion are vehicle expenses, food and items purchased personally then used for the business. The method for deducting these expenses can be different depending on the type of company you have and other factors. We can help you by explaining these topics and organizing your expenses.
4What type of software should I use?
There are many software packages to choose from for desktop, tablet and phone versions as well as payment processors offering invoicing. We can advise you on the solution that is appropriate for your business.
5How much do you charge?
Due to our efficiency, we typically find that the price of our service is much less than hiring an employee in your business. We charge an hourly rate for bookkeeping, payroll and consulting services. Because every business is different, call us for an estimate of what it would cost for your business.
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