From payroll to bookkeeping to taxes, we have the small business solutions Kelowna businesses trust.


When your financials are in order, you can find ways to save and plan for the future.

At the heart of the small business solutions we offer is our bookkeeping service -- meant to help you get a grasp of where you stand, find ways to improve and then make a plan for growth.


Spend less time managing numbers and more time managing your business.

With our custom payroll services, you have more time to focus growing your business. From cheque printing and electronic transfer of payments to filing Records of Employment, we handle it all.


Take away the headache of handling taxes on your own.

We can help with the filing of your payroll taxes and sales taxes, as well as end-of-year preparations. If you’re contacted by the CRA or other regulatory agencies, we can help provide records for audit purposes.


Great financials can greatly improve your business -- but our services go even further.

Whether you’re looking for ways to save money on operations or you have questions about your marketing approach, our diverse business experience means we can help small businesses in a myriad of ways.

Solutions for all stages of your business

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